Find the Value of Your Trade in Seconds

Moving on from your current car can seem like a tough road. First, you have to decide how you want to get rid of it. Then, perhaps most importantly, you must decide how much it is worth. This can be difficult for some drivers and sellers. Parting with something with so much sentimental value to you might be the biggest challenge.

At Chevrolet of Columbus, we make it quick, easy, and painless for drivers from Bloomington to Franklin to find a fair and accurate price on their vehicle. Avoid dropping it off at the local mall parking lot in Indianapolis. We will even buy it from you if that interests you. Our Kelley Blue Book tool takes just a few minutes to fill out and provides a near-instantaneous estimate of the value of your trade.

All you need is information you already have, like the make and model of your car, its VIN, and license plate identification. Enter that into the online form, and you'll soon be looking at a number that is favorable to you.

With this information, you can bring your car to our team of appraisers in Columbus, Indiana. They will give it a thorough inspection. Within minutes, you'll have an offer in hand and money in your pocket. Use that extra dough towards your next new or used car from Chevrolet of Columbus. Or take the money and run. You may even decide to pass on the offer and go off on your own. That is fine too.

Let our KBB tool help guide you to a fair return on your trade. The online form won't steer you wrong. You could drive home to Greenwood or Seymour in your new car, which you earned with savings from your trade. It all starts with a little help from Chevrolet of Columbus.