One Owner Vehicles in Columbus, Indiana

For years, when drivers thought about used cars, the first thing that came to mind was the old clunkers with hundreds of thousands of miles on them, with parts falling off. But this is no longer the case, with cars being designed and engineered better than ever. When you shop the selection of used cars at Chevrolet of Columbus, you know you are getting one of the finest used models on the roads around Greenwood. This is especially true with our selection of CarFax One-Owner models.

a certified CarFax One-Owner model ensures that only one previous owner is accountable for the miles accumulated on the vehicle. Typically, these models are well-maintained and accident-free. Its entire history is spelled out in black and white on its CarFax vehicle history report. This way, there are absolutely no surprises lurking in its past. This promise doesn't come with every used car. Just a select few.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a One-Owner model is that you can put your faith in its future. The CarFax report is the closest you can get to being able to know its life story. Because you know where it's been and who's taken care of it, you better understand what is in store. It shows how much care and attention went into maintaining the car. Any red flags are right there in front of you. But because it is CarFax certified, there shouldn't be any red flags. Just a truly reliable used car, truck, SUV, or van.

Visit the team at Chevrolet of Columbus or view our One-Owner models online now. Come see the difference this inventory can make in your driving experience. Our sales team is more than happy to help you find the car's second and maybe final owner.